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No professional floor sanding contractor would dream of hiring the inefficient drum sanders on hire at general hire shops.


Because the amount of dust these machines put out is considered totally unacceptable, they are difficult and dangerous to use and the type of abrasive they require is both time-consuming to fit and not very effective!

Our wood floor sanding belt sander machines are small versions of the professional belt sanders used by flooring contractors all over the world. They are dust efficient, easy to use and changing abrasives is less frequent AND very quick and easy.


Ultimate Floor Sander Hire is the only company in the UK to hire out the revolutionary new Pallmann Spider, a machine that makes it possible for total amateurs to get stunning results on those difficult to finish parquet and wood block floors. The Spider can also be used on quality hardwood strip and plank flooring and cuts down on the hated “edging”. Ask our experts what is best for you!

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Our Range of Finishes and Maintenance Products

Our sister company Ultimate Floor Care is the UK’s main distributor of Pallmann lacquers, primers, stains, oils and hard waxes. The Pallmann range of products is second to none in terms of quality and is the product chosen by every affiliate in the professional arm of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company. The professionals wouldn’t use any other brand, why would you settle for less?

The range of finishes to choose from is bewildering, so why risk getting it wrong? We have information on our “Products and Services” page but you can ask your local professional advisor what finish is best for your wooden floor and the environment it serves. They can also supply you with the products you require, or you can order them from our site at www.ultimate-floorcare.com

Our Abrasives

We only sell top quality German made abrasives, these last longer and cut quicker than cheaper alternatives. Changing the abrasives on standard floor sander hire machines can be a real ordeal! Our abrasives are made specifically for our floor sanding machines so are easy to change saving you lots time and hassle.

Remember that you can’t sand a floor without abrasives, although most hire companies don’t mention them and as one of the largest purchasers of floor sanding abrasives in the UK we can supply them at the very best price. For total pricing clarity, all the belts cost the same and all the discs likewise!

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See our great range of professional floorcare products Get fast reliable delivery and top of the range products. Trade accounts and prices are available.

We recommend Pallmann professional lacquers and oils. Pallmann products are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards.We use them ourselves every day.

Pallmann is a German manufacturer specialising in high-quality wood floor treatment and maintenance products. Established over 120 years ago they are unsurpassed in product development and innovation and provide unrivalled support and training to their certified contractors.

Pallmann Floor Care Products

Once you have finished the job of sanding your wooden floor you will doubtless want to refinish it with a high-quality product to bring it back to life and show the wood in all its natural beauty. Using a high-quality Pallmann wood floor lacquer or oil will extend the life of your floor and even better means that you won’t need to be sanding it again any time soon!

As experts in the floor sanding business, we are often asked for recommendations on the best quality wood floor lacquers and wood floor care products. Our answer is simple. Pallmann wood floor primers, lacquers and care products are second to none.

Find out more about the Pallmann range of wood floor finishing products.

In addition to our recommended wood floor finishing products we offer excellent value in high quality abrasives and wood floor sanding tools and accessories.

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