Floor sander machines for hire

We have a range of floor sander hire packages available that include belt sanding machines, extractor units and edge and finishing sanders. Our professional quality, dustless floor sanding machines are also available for hire individually. See here for more information about the packages available to hire a floor sander from Ultimate Floor Sander Hire UK.

Belt sanders

Belt sanders are the main machine to strip the dirt, scratches, dents and old finish from your wooden floor. Our machines are powerful, dust efficient and easy to use, to find out more read on.

Pallmann Viper Floor Sander

The Pallmann Viper is a compact belt sanding machine, ideal for use by DIY enthusiasts. Smaller and more maneuverable than the Cobra sander, it is perfect for first-time floor sanding. The Viper is suitable for sanding all types of wooden floors, including pine, hardwood floors and parquet.


Floor Sander Features Include:

  • Paper tension device for a fast changing of abrasive belts. Essential for a no fuss, no headaches floor sanding solution!
  • Effective dust suction, which sets our machines apart from the floor sander hire competition
  • Adjustable sanding pressure, to suit the wood floor surface

The Cobra Classic.
This is our top of the range Pallmann professional floor sander, ideal for parquet and hard wood floors. Featuring a 2.5kw motor this machine will deal with anything you can throw at it.


Floor Sander Features

  • High sanding capacity thanks to the maximum usage of belt width
  • Designed to provide a clear view in front of the machine and a wall bumper wheels on both sides helps to prevents wall marks.
  • Includes a connection for external dust extraction
  • Fast belt exchange and automatic belt tensioning

Pallmann Spider

The Pallmann Spider is a three headed planetary machine that enables even a complete novice to sand parquet, wood block and engineered (semi solid) floors to an incredibly high standard. It will require some practice in order to master it but then so do belt sanders and with the Spider it is impossible to create the large “divits” that most amateurs leave when using a belt sander.
Using the weights, variable speed and different abrasives you can tailor the aggression of the sanding to suit any situation and the Spider will be supplied with a professional quality dust containment system to help keep your home clean.

Here you can see an example of the pallman spiders finish by a novice.

Edge And Corner Sanders

Edge sanders are the machines that sand the floor around the sides of the room that belt sanders cannot reach. Corner sanders clean out the corners where neither the belt sander nor the edge sander can get to. We have a range of floor sander hire packages available that include the machines below. They are also available for hire individually. For more information about the packages available click here hire a floor sander from Ultimate Floor Sander Hire UK.

Pallmann Gecko Edge Sander

The Pallmann Gecko edge sander is a universal orbital sanding machine suitable for sanding for edges, corners and stairs. The Pallmann Gecko can be used in conjunction with the Cobra or Viper for sanding hardwood floors, pine floorboards and parquet flooring
Edge-Sander-150x150Edge Sander Features

  • Very low weight for versatile and easy handling
  • Built in safety feature including under voltage circuit breaker
  • Effective dust suction



corner-sanderFestool Deltex Corner Sander
Simple easy to use corner sander that can be connected to Festool Extractor for maximum dust efficiency.

Finishing Sanders

Why Use Finishing Sanders?

Finishing sanders help deliver the ultimate in smooth, silky floors. They are used for that final finish to the wood and also to de nib the lacquer prior to the final fish coat. We have the finest and easiest machines available to make the job simple for professional or DIYer.

Rotex Orbital Sander

Rotex orbital finishing sanders are suitable for coarse sanding, fine sanding and polishing of wooden floors and surfaces.


Orbital Sander Features

  • ROTEX rotary motion for efficient sanding
  • Eccentric motion for high- quality, scratch-free surfaces
  • FastFix tool-less sanding pad system, easy changing.
  • Ideal ergonomic grip positions
  • Sanding up to the edge thanks to the Festool PROTECTOR



Festool Dust Extractor

The Festool Extractor is ideal for use with the Festool Rotex random orbital finishing sander, the Cleanfix Mini Buffer and with some Pallmann edge sanders. It is lightweight and portable and can be set to operate when you switch your sander on for convenience. Ideal for keeping the dust to an absolute minimum when sanding your home.

Deltex Corner Sander

The Deltex corner sander is a versatile finishing sander for difficult and hard-to-reach corners. The triangular pad and orbital sanding action mean that you can power-sand using the full area of the pad. The Deltex corner sander is the perfect solution when you need those tight spots to look as good as easier to reach areas.

Corner Sander Features

  • Triangular sanding head for tight access
  • Orbital sanding motion provides excellent sanding results.
  • High torque sanding power smooths surfaces quickly and efficiently.
  • Built in dust extraction port for connection to an extractor



Cleanfix Mini Buffer

The Cleanfix mini buffer is a single disc floor polisher. The buffer is lightweight and small and is very simple to handle due to its anti-vibration oscillating head. The Cleanfix mini-buffer is extremely agile and its small size means it can easily work into tight corners without difficulty.