Pallmann Floor Care Products

Once you have finished the job of sanding your wooden floor you will doubtless want to refinish it with a high-quality product to bring it back to life and show the wood in all its natural beauty. Using a high-quality Pallmann wood floor lacquer or oil will extend the life of your floor and even better means that you won’t need to be sanding it again any time soon!

As experts in the floor sanding business, we are often asked for recommendations on the best quality wood floor lacquers and wood floor care products. Our answer is simple. Pallmann wood floor primers, lacquers and care products are second to none.

Find out more about the Pallmann range of wood floor finishing products.

In addition to our recommended wood floor finishing products we offer excellent value in high quality abrasives and wood floor sanding tools and accessories.


You need more than just a floor sanding machine & remember that you can’t sand a floor without abrasives, although most hire companies don’t mention them. You’ll need high quality abrasives in various grits from coarse to smooth to get the perfect finish for your wood floor.

Changing the abrasives on standard floor sander hire machines can be a real ordeal, taking up to half an hour on the machines provided by most hire companies. This can get tedious, especially when you consider the number of changes that need to be made in the course of sanding a wooden floor.

We only sell top quality German made abrasives, these last longer and cut quicker than cheaper alternatives. Our abrasives are made specifically for our floor sanding machines so are easy to change, in less than a minute, saving you lots time and hassle. Our service team will show you how to do this when they drop off the machine.

As one of the largest purchasers of floor sanding abrasives in the UK we can supply them at the very best price. For total pricing clarity, we’ve bundled the abrasives based on what you’ll need, anything you don’t use we’ll take back at no cost! Don’t forget we also supply accessories like ear defenders to protect your hearing and professional quality rollers, handles and paint scuttles to help guarantee a quality finish at no charge. All we ask is that you return them undamaged.


zirconia belt

Sanding Belt Prices

Belt 24: £7.50
Belt 36: £7.50

Belt 40: £6.95
Belt 60: £6.95
Belt 80: £6.95

Belt 100: £6.50
Belt 120: £6.50

As an indication, most average sized rooms will need one belt of each type & don’t worry our helpful team will advise you on what you might require and don’t forget we don’t charge for anything you don’t use.

Sanding Disc Prices

circular-abrasive delta-abrasiveSanding discs for our Rotex and Delta corner and edge sanders are priced at £0.95 each.


As we said in previous pages, the product we want you to use is the same one we use ourselves in our professional business The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company, the largest floor sanding brand in Europe.

What we Use and Why

The only brand we use in the UK is Pallmann, we have tried dozens of others but this is the one we use and truly 100% believe in. Why?

  1. The quality of the finish is totally unsurpassed, it has a quality look others have tried to emulate and failed. Not surprising since Pallx96 is Germanys best-selling single pack lacquer.
  2. It isn’t a “one trick pony” brand. What does that mean? Well whatever type or look of finish you want Pallmann has a quality solution. Yes Pall X96 is fantastic but so are all the other products.
  3. Our professional business has tested many other products, we have used some of them and paid the price when they have failed to perform orthe backup was not there.
  4. The technical backup that we receive from both the UK representatives of Pallmann and their German colleagues is second to none. No-one works as a rep for Pallmann without first having been a professional floor sanding contractor.

So now you know which brand we recommend let’s help you choose a finish!

One of the things that always amazes me is that people sand their floor without a thought about what type of finish they want to apply after, so let’s go through the options.

Lacquered Finish

This is the type of finish most people are familiar with and is generally a polyurethane finish nowadays. It could be either solvent based or water based but like all professionals we don’t use solvent based finishes ourselves and so don’t recommend that you do either (if you want to know why please ask us).

Lacquers are what we term ‘surface build’ products, so called because they sit on top of the wood and protect it from above. Most domestic products are single component and these are fine for most environments, commercial products are ‘two packs’ which means you add a hardener or catalyst to increase durability and chemical resistance.

Most lacquers come in extra matt, matt, silk or gloss sheen levels, the most popular is silk and we would advise DIYers to avoid gloss at all cost (you can contact us for further explanation)

For domestic use you can choose between Pall-X94 or Pall-X96 (Germanys best-selling single pack lacquer) the latter contains more polyurethane and is therefore more durable and slightly more expensive.

Pros for Lacquered Finish

Durable, chemically resistant, easily understood, differing sheen levels available.

Cons for Lacquered Finish

Tricky and time consuming to apply, more costly than oils / hardwax oils, once scratched or damaged they have to completely re-sanded.

pallX-94-pallmann-domestic-wood-floor-lacquer-150x150 pallmann-pall-x-96-150x150pall-x-98_a-b_wl-233x300


Hardwax Oil Finishes

These have become increasingly popular over the last few years and for very good reasons in my opinion. They are a blend of waxes and oils that penetrate into the wood and protect it from inside so are considered ‘penetrating’ products rather than ‘surface build’. They are usually only available in one sheen level but give a very natural look and feel to the floor. They will contain some solvent to make them work but are not considered as harmful as solvented polyurethane and acid cure finishes. If done properly they can be ‘topped up’ and spot repaired.



Pros for Hardwax Oil

Easy to apply, natural looking, easily over coated and repaired, economical, only requires two coats

Cons for Hardwax Oil

Generally only available in a silk finish, can be more easily damage by incorrect cleaning, slower drying than lacquer (but you only need two coats)


Catalysed Oil Finish (Pallmann Magic Oil)

This is the most recent and innovative of wood floor finishes and Pallman where the first to enter it and dominate the market with Pallmann Magic Oil. It really requires professional application as specialist equipment is required and we really only mention it as we do have some professionals hire from us. The product is an oil to which a catalyst or ‘hardener’ is added to increase durability and speed up the curing time (curing is not the same as drying, curing is the time it takes to reach full hardness) which is as quick as 12 hours. This is the easiest product to repair and top up although it still needs to be done correctly for best results. The maintenance products help the ‘topping up’ as the cleaning is carried out. Pallmann Magic Oil is totally solvent free.

Pros for Pallmann Magic Oil

Durable, fast drying and curing, repairable and easy to ‘top up’, solvent free, very natural looking finish

Cons for Pallmann Magic Oil

Requires professional application