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Floor sander hire Suffolk. If you are looking to hire a professional grade wood floor sanding machine in Suffolk then you have come to the right place. Ultimate Floor Sander Hire is the one stop shop for all your wood floor sanding needs, including machines, abrasives, finishes and of course the advice of our experienced floor sanding professionals!



Our Floor Sanding Machines

Viper-Montage-Hi-Res-300x225Ultimate Floor Sander Hire provides low dust, professional quality, floor sanding machines hired directly to the public. You will find the machinery quick and easy to use, and we’ll walk you through how they work when we drop them off. We have sanding machines suitable for small living rooms right through to school gymnasiums.

Our Abrasives

At Ultimate floor sander hire Suffolk we sell only quality, German made abrasives. One of the most important things to consider when hiring a floor sander is that the abrasives are easy to change.You don’t want a 30-minute ordeal each time you need to change grit – trust us!! That’s why floor sanding professionals use our machines!

The durable, cotton-backed floor sanding belts are made using Zirconia for the lower grits, as Zirconia provides great cutting power. Grits 80 -120 are made using Aluminium Oxide for a smoother finish. All our edging discs are Velcro backed for easy and fast attachment and removal.

Floor Sanding Safety for DIYers,

Our floor sander hire Suffolk team is committed to your safety. It is of paramount importance to us. We provide you with circuit breakers, eye protection, and ear protection at no extra cost. This basic safety equipment will help ensure you are safe at all times when sanding your wooden floors.

Floor Sander Hire Suffolk – Tools (No Charge!)

Why run around buying tools you will never use again? We supply hammers, punches and pliers to deal with those pesky nails in your wooden floors all free of charge. It’s all part of our commitment to customer service all we ask is that you return them to us in good condition.

Wood Floor Finishes

We supply water based finishes from Pallmann, Pall X96 is Germany’s best selling wood floor finish and is simply the best product we have ever used. All the Pallmann water based range of wood floor finishes will not only give your floor the very best protection but because they are very low in VOCs they look after the health of your family.

Like all specialist wood floor products the correct applicators have to be used for optimum results. In order to guarantee a premium finish we also make sure you have the appropriate equipment to apply the finishes correctly.

Find out more about our floor sander hire packages or FREEPHONE 0333 93 901 93 to arrange delivery in Suffolk.

Ultimate Floor Sander Hire Suffolk